Korean-American Lee Seungyeon was also a mother

Korean-American Lee Seungyeon was also a mother. She met her parents


Actress Lee Seung-yeon went to a parent interview.

Lee Seung-yeon posted a photo on her SNS on the 19th, calling it “Mom mode in the morning.”

“Aram’s interview with teacher Dam is over.” Thank you so much to the pretty and kind Daebujung teacher. Even a parent interview. “The weather is so nice. Eat and enjoy your walk.”

Lee Seung-yeon turned into a “mother mode” today, not an “actress Lee Seung-yeon,” and successfully completed her daughter’s parent interview.

Lee Seung-yeon also met her daughter’s homeroom teacher and had a deep conversation, wrapping up her fruitful schedule.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung-yeon married a Korean-American businessman two years younger than her in 2007 and has a daughter. I recently lost 9kg, which made me a lot of attention

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