Kim Yu-na

Kim Yu-na said, “J of confidence…

Kim Yu-na said, “J of confidence…I look the happiest when I eat ramen.

Kim Yu-na

Former figure skater Kim Yu-na showed her extraordinary affection for ramen.

On the 30th, on the official YouTube channel of fashion magazine Days Korea, “I like this kind of stuff A video titled “Queen Yu-na’s unexpected love item / Rewrite Kim Yu-na’s profile” was posted.

In the released video, Kim identified her MBTI as ESFJ.

He said, “Once I tried again, I think there was an ISFJ. I feel like I’m going back and forth. I am interested in MBTI because I think it fits well. “When I talk to others, I talk about MBTI a lot,” he said. “I did it about three times.” But when I did it last time, ISFJ came out. He explained, “There is no change in the back, and only the front goes back and forth depending on the situation.”

Kim Yu-na, who said that J fits the best among her MBTI, said, “J seems to be comfortable and stable when it goes as planned. It’s nothing much, but I want to go as planned, so I set the order even if I don’t have a big schedule the day before and the next day. I think it’s J of conviction in that regard. “I think F is also right,” he added.

“There are many kinds of jazz, but I like jazz that actors sang in old-fashioned classical jazz and musical movies from old black and white movies,” Kim Yu-na said, citing jazz as her favorite music genre.”I listen to it often because it’s healing in my heart,” he said.

He also picked Fred Astaire as his favorite singer, saying, “He’s an American actor who was there a long time ago, and he’s a tap dancer and a musician. “I’ve listened to his jazz album once and I’ve been hooked on it for years,” he replied.

Kim Yu-na said, “I often watch videos of dogs and cats,” adding, “Isn’t dogs cute just by their existence?” So there’s something that heals me while watching it. “I feel pleased and vicariously satisfied while watching it,” he said.

In particular, Kim Yu-na talked about eggs and ramen as her favorite things. He said, “I like eggs on my food. He really likes ramen, too. People around me said that I look the happiest when I eat ramen. I can’t eat ramen when I work out, so I’m a little sad. He drew attention by saying, “I quit exercising and eat a lot of ramen.” 안전공원 

Meanwhile, Kim married five-year-old crossover group Forrestella Ko Woo-rim last October. The two first met in 2018 on the occasion of the All That Skating Ice Show celebration stage, and after three years of dating, they formed a relationship.

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