Kim Sun-shin

Kim Sun-shin ran with his life and eventually was reported

Kim Sun-shin ran with his life and eventually was reported to the police for illegal driving

Kim Sun-shin

MBC Sports Plus announcer Kim Sun-shin was reported to the police for driving illegally.

On the 3rd, a netizen reported to the Ilsan Dongbu Police Station (the MBC Sports Plus police station) through the Kookmin Shinmun High School.

“Driving a vehicle without a side mirror can be seen as a violation of Article 48 of the Road Traffic Act,” he said. “The driver of all cars or street trucks must operate the steering, braking, and other devices of the car or streetcar accurately, and the speed or performance of the vehicle is not emphasized.”

“According to the Enforcement Decree of the Road Traffic Act [Attachment 8], a fine of 40,000 won is stipulated for passenger cars that violate the ‘safe driving obligation’,” he said. “The police ask announcer Kim Sun-shin to impose a fine of 40,000 won for driving on Gangbyeon Expressway (safe driving obligation).”

Finally, he said, “I think it is deplorable that an announcer who is receiving public attention revealed his ignorance of posting a photo on SNS without even recognizing his criminal behavior, and I would like to ask him not to do such a rash act again.”

Earlier, announcer Kim Sun-shin certified himself that he ran on Gangbyeon Expressway with a broken side mirror and suddenly deleted the post after controversy arose.

On the 2nd, Kim Sun-shin revealed the side mirror that was completely unusable, saying, “I was wondering what it was because it made a bang, but I was smashed by hitting the side mirror in the parking post (while pulling out the car).” The following photo shows him in a car running on Gangbyeon Expressway without a side mirror. She said, “The left side mirror is so precious. He added, “I ran on Gangbyeonbuk-ro with my life. I changed lanes.”

There was a heated controversy in the article. It can be seen as failing to comply with the provisions of Article 48 of the Road Traffic Act. In addition, among the photos taken inside the car, a blue light was caught, and it is suspected that it was taken in a moving car.

Netizens criticize, “No matter how busy the schedule is, it makes sense to drive without a side mirror with the driving ability to smash a side mirror on a pillar still in a parking lot,” “Even if you certify that you are killed, you lack thought,” and “You can hurt or die another person while driving dangerously.” Some fans defended it, saying, “You can drive with only the rear mirror without the side mirror,” but others protested, saying, “With that driving skill, you won’t fly the side mirror on the parking pole.”

In the wake of the controversy, announcer Kim Sun-shin deleted the post.

Meanwhile, Kim Sun-shin got married in March 2017. Her husband is known as a sports producer at a television station and has a daughter

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