Seo Hyo-rim

“Kim Soo-mi’s daughter-in-law” Seo Hyo-rim said, “Thank you

“Kim Soo-mi’s daughter-in-law” Seo Hyo-rim said, “Thank you for living” to Sung Hyun-joo, who sent her son away.

Actor Seo Hyo-rim recommended an essay by Sung Hyun-joo, who has been dating for 13 years.

Seo Hyo-rim

Seo Hyo-rim recently said, “Sung Hyun-joo first met her about 13 years ago. It was while filming a drama called Sungkyunkwan Scandal. “Budeul, who filmed the most scenes with me in the costume of a warm tone that was so dark that I couldn’t find where she was at night so that Hyo-eun could look pretty,” he posted a long article that began.

“Still, on my cell phone, her name is Budeul. We became friends through that relationship and have been together for 13 years. I’ve never seen anyone as funny as her around me, and I’ve never seen anyone calling me and screaming when they’re drunk. Sometimes he didn’t hesitate to swear at me. He added, “To Hyoeun Ah, whom he served.”

Seo Hyo-rim said, “After the drama, I showed my true colors and I feel like I changed my position. Thanks to her so funny and funny, I was comforted a lot when I was having a hard time. Drink a lot! Then one day, he said he was getting married, but he sometimes sold me to his husband if he wanted to drink (this could still be a secret), he explained.

In addition, “One day, I went to see a performance of Drip Girls after all kinds of threats, and it was the first time in my life that I cried and laughed like that.” The stage is her constitution…”I’ve been locked up with so much talent and energy in marriage and childcare, so it’s okay for me to sell myself a hundred times,” he said.

Seo Hyo-rim said, “One day, he brought a small baby and showed it to me from time to time, and Seo-hoo, who came to my house to play, smiled, holding his tail as if nothing had happened.” Since then, I’m a dog aunt to Seohu?! After that, I ended up calling Seohu the chairman. He said, “He looked so much like the chairman of the parent company.”

In addition, she confessed, “One day in 2018, I promised to meet you next week and called, but I couldn’t reach you, so her answer was to contact Seo-hoo when he got a little sick.”

Seo Hyo-rim said, “I haven’t heard from you even after a few months, and I got a call after that, and I’ll be fine after hearing the rough story.” Now that I think about it, I only gave too much comfort. Without knowing what the world you’re going through is like. So I sometimes sent your regards through a short phone call. “It was difficult to talk on the phone, and I’ll call you someday when the time comes, so I waited like that,” he said.

Seo Hyo-rim said, “I didn’t try to drag her out because I didn’t want to come out of the world, and I felt guilty while reading the book because I couldn’t even think of going to the hospital like everyone else because my life was busy.” But I felt relieved that there were good people around me…I couldn’t even cry out loud… I wept my mouth shut. I’m sorry for you…”I feel sorry for Seohu,” he said.

Finally, Seo Hyo-rim said, “On December 25, 2020, a message came to her. He sent Seo-hoo…. There was nothing I could do, and when I became a mother and put myself in her shoes…. I wouldn’t have been as good as you.Hyunjoo… It’s hard to introduce this book to people around me in any words. Because it’s the story of my best friend… But it’s very well written… And… I suddenly called because I wanted to hear your voice. “Thank you, Hyunjoo. Thank you for coming to life,” he said.

Seo Hyo-rim married Kim Soo-mi’s son Jung Myung-ho in 2019 and has a daughter.

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