Kim Minjae

Kim Minjae seeks to recruit Manchester United for 445 million

Kim Minjae seeks to recruit Manchester United for 445 million

Kim Minjae

Will Kim Min-jae enter the English Premier League (EPL) stage through Manchester United?

British media “Kurt Offside” mentioned Kim Min-jae’s transfer to Manchester United on the 30th, citing a reporter Fabricio Romano, who is fluent in the European transfer market situation.

Manchester United will have a chance to recruit Kim Min-jae and will reportedly pay 445 million, known as the buyout.

Kim Minjae moved to Naples ahead of this season. It was unfortunate that it was necessary to adapt to the big league stage. He is showing the presence of a monster defender with a tremendous performance.

Shortly after joining the Italian stage, Kim Min-jae is raising his stock price by being selected as the best player in Serie A in September and the Italian Footballers Association in October.

Kim Min-jae’s share price was also confirmed at the World Cup. Based on his solid physical strength and fast main power, he showed stable performance and made a good impression on the world stage.

Regarding Kim Min-jae, Manchester United seems to be steadily watching. This is because it is necessary to reinforce the central defender.

Manchester United invested a huge transfer fee to recruit Harry Maguire, a resource for the England national team. He seemed to be walking on a solid road, but he is being criticized for his sharp decline in performance.

Manchester United reportedly chose Kim Min-jae as an alternative after deciding to dispose of Maguire to reinforce its defense.

Manchester United reportedly sent a scout to Qatar, where the World Cup will be held, to recruit Kim Min-jae

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