Kim Jimin

Kim Jimin and Junho are wearing couple hats and golf courses

Kim Jimin and Junho are wearing couple hats and golf courses are so sweet

Kim Jimin

Comedian Kim Ji-min showed off her beautiful figure on the golf course.

On May 2, Kim Ji-min posted a photo on her Instagram with a message, “I’m a tacky person who takes all kinds of pictures saying I’ve never seen a cart like this before!”

The released photo shows Kim Ji-min wearing golf wear. Kim Ji-min, who is in a sweet relationship with Kim Joon-ho, caught the eye with his more handsome look.

In particular, the brand of golf hats and tops that Kim Ji-min is wearing caught the eye. This is because Kim Joon-ho was also wearing a hat of the same brand in the picture, while the recent situation after Kim Joon-ho’s eyelid sewage surgery drew attention.

The happy appearance of Kim Ji-min wearing a couple’s hat and visiting the golf course made fans happy fans.

Meanwhile, Kim Joon-ho and Kim Ji-min officially admitted their romantic relationship last month. Kim Joon-ho was born in 1975 and Kim Ji-min was born in 1984. The age gap between the two is nine years.

In particular, Kim Joon-ho is a “dolsing” who suffered from divorce in 2018. While Kim Joon-ho and Kim Ji-min’s relationship drew much attention, the two are generously showing their affection for each other through various broadcasts

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