Kim Dong-hyun

Kim Dong-hyun and his wife’s third pregnancy “Giving birth

Kim Dong-hyun and his wife’s third pregnancy “Giving birth in June next year, birth name = Tobongi

Kim Dong-hyun

Kim Dong-hyun will become a father of three children in June 2023.

The 459th episode of KBS2’s entertainment show “Superman is Back” (hereinafter referred to as “Shudol”), which will be broadcast on the 30th, will be decorated with “My beloved family.” Among them, Kim Dong-hyun delivers the news of his third pregnancy to his grandmother, grandfather, maternal grandmother, and uncle, giving him a big smile. In 2023, Kim Dong-hyun, who will become a father of three children, and a younger brother were born, and curiosity rises in a day of siblings (Dan-woo + Yeon-woo) who will share triple happiness in the future.

On this day, Kim Dong-hyun tells his family the good news that he has become a father of three children. Kim Dong-hyun and Definitely brother and sister hold a year-end party for their families. Kim Dong-hyun presents a special lottery ticket made by himself for his grandmother, grandfather, and maternal grandmother, and uncle. It is a surprise lottery ticket to reveal the news of the third pregnancy. When the family scratches the lottery ticket, they say, “I’m the youngest, Tobong.” “Grandpa!” Rumor has it that he cheered with joy after hearing the third news such as ‘See you in June’.  메이저사이트

Dong-hyun then announces that he is three months pregnant with a voice of joy as a father of three children. The birth name is Tobongi, meaning rabbit-like Bong is junior, and it is named after Kimbong, the former name of Rabbit and  Dong-hyun, who were born in the Year of Rabbit in 2023.  Dong-hyun said, “I’m already excited to be a father of three children in 23. “I don’t know how much Dan-woo and Yeon-woo will love it, but I will do my best to raise children,” he said, raising expectations for his family in 2023, which will triple happiness.

“The Return of Superman” airs every Friday at 10 p.m.

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