KDA’s No. 1 ‘Keria’ is challenging ‘Cetzepot’ beyond…

KDA’s No. 1 ‘Keria’ is challenging ‘Cetzepot’ beyond ‘Reverse Heavenly Ghost’


T1 ‘Keria’ Ryu Min-seok, who is showing the best form, is surpassing the position of the world’s best supporter.

Ryu Min-seok’s T1 will face DIX in the final of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship (LOL World Cup) at the Chase Center in San Francisco on the 6th (Korea time). Ryu Min-seok, who has been active in various competitions as a top supporter since his debut in 2020, will challenge his first Worlds victory. Currently, Keria is at the top of major indicators such as the No. 1 KDA and shows good form, so expectations for his performance in the final are also growing.

The nickname representing Ryu Min-seok is Yeokcheon-goong, which means the all-time genius monster called since his debut season. To match the nickname, Ryu Min-seok played for DIX with his versatile ability and has played a pivotal role in the team even after moving to T1.

As a result, he won the LCK First Team four times in three years and the regular season MVP in the 2022 spring season. In the 2022 spring, he stood as Korea’s best supporter by winning his first career title with MVP. 사설토토

What he lacked was winning international competitions. At the 2020 LOL World Cup, the first international competition he played for DIX, he was blocked by Damwon Gaming (currently Damwon Kia) and finished his journey in the quarterfinals. In the 2021 LOL World Cup, when he moved to T1, he advanced to the semifinals, but he failed to win the championship again after losing to Damwon Kia. In the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), he finally reached the final, but failed to surpass the Royal Never Give Up (RNG).

As such, Ryu Min-seok, who repeatedly swallowed up his anger at international competitions, had a chance again. He played a big part in the LOL World Cup and made his first time in his life. The performance is also at its best. This good performance is also shown in the indicators.

With a KDA of 11.4, it has been ranked first among all players since the group stage, and if it is narrowed down to supporters, it is more than double the number of top e-sports (TES) Lingsh (5.3), who is ranked second. Considering that Lingsh played relatively few games due to his elimination from the group stage, we can see how great Ryu Min-seok’s figure is.

In addition to KDA, Ryu Min-seok, who ranks first in the supporter position in major indicators such as gold per minute and the 15-minute difference in experience, is now looking to win the LOL World Cup. Attention is focusing on whether he will become the world’s best supporter beyond Korea with his first international competition victory.

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