Kawhi George Duo Dismantling Clippers Could Make Surprise Trade

Kawhi George Duo Dismantling Clippers Could Make Surprise Trade


The Clippers could take an amazing move.

Mark Stein, a reporter for “The Stain Line,” reported on Paul George of the LA Clippers on the 21st (Korea Standard Time).

The Clippers built a strong one-two punch in the summer of 2019 by recruiting Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. A lot of attention was paid to the Clippers’ move, which emerged as a favorite to win at once. To recruit George, the Clippers sent seven first-round nominations, promising Shy Gilgers-Alexander, and veteran Danilo Gallinaly to Oklahoma City.

However, the Clippers’ performance with Leonard and George so far is not satisfactory. The two players rarely matched on the court due to frequent injuries, and the Clippers only made one conference final appearance in four seasons. He didn’t reach the championship he dreamed of his dreams.

Time for serious consideration about Leonard and George duo’s accompanying. In this situation, interesting news came out that the Clippers were considering trading George, a member of the one-two punch. 안전한놀이터

“I was under the impression that the Los Angeles Clippers were talking to various teams ahead of the draft and trying to figure out the value of Paul George’s trade,” Stain said. “When I hear the story, I feel like they’re thinking about the actual breakup of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George duo.”

If George, who is both an offense and defense player, is on the trade block, many teams are expected to show interest. Portland and Houston are emerging as potential George recruitment candidates

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