Kang Dong-won

Kang Dong-won of “Break Up with YG..

Kang Dong-won of “Break Up with YG” is on the rise in the FA market!

Kang Dong-won

Actor Kang Dong-won has ended his exclusive contract with YG Entertainment, which has been with him for seven years. The FA market seems to be delighted by the emergence of large fish.

An official from YG Entertainment told Exports News on the 30th, “The contract with  Dong-won has expired.”

“Actor Kang Dong-won decided to end his management work after discussion,” he said through his official position. “I sincerely thank actor  Dong-won for his long time and give words of support.”

Kang Dong-won signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment in 2016 and renewed his relationship twice. Earlier, YG Entertainment said it would form a separate  Dong-won dedicated team” at the time of the contract with  Dong-won to actively support stable work activities and overseas expansion.

Dong-won finished his seven-year relationship and emerged as a big fish in the FA market. It is expected to invite  Dong-won from various actor companies to general entertainment. Dong-won, who has been drawing keen attention since his debut, led the box office success in various works based on his beautiful visuals and star character as well as idols. In June, he received a lot of love at home and abroad through the movie “Broker,” directed by Hirokazu Koreeda, and is waiting for the release of the movie “Possession (tentative title).”

Attention is focusing on what kind of move Kang Dong-won, who has emerged as a blue chip in the FA market, will show.

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