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Kakao Games.VX’s record-high performance in non-game growth

Kakao Games.VX’s record-high performance in non-game growth

Kakao Games

Kakao Games recorded its largest sales and operating profit since its foundation. The move comes after solid earnings and other sales in non-game sectors such as Kakao VX and Sena Technology continued to grow despite a sharp drop in fourth-quarter earnings.

Kakao Games announced on the 8th that it achieved a total of 1.1477 trillion won in sales last year, recording its largest performance. This is an increase of about 13% compared to the previous year. Operating profit also increased 59% year-on-year to 177.7 billion won.

Annual performance improved, but the atmosphere in the fourth quarter was not good. Its fourth-quarter earnings are 235.7 billion won in sales and 10.8 billion won in operating profit. This is a decrease of 18% and 76% compared to the same period last year, respectively.

Kakao VX, etc. in mobile ‘Senbang’ ‘Shined’

Last year, Kakao Games’ sales rose 13.4% year-on-year to KRW 1.1477 trillion. By sector, mobile games with a high proportion of sales fell 2.1 percent to 738.9 billion won.

Odin: Valhalla Rising’ also entered Taiwan in March and achieved the top spot in Apple’s App Store sales and the second place in Google Play sales immediately after its launch, making its first overseas expansion after Korea.

The ‘Umamus Mew Pretty Derby’, which was released in June last year, is also becoming a major title of Kakao Games.

PC games fell 49.8% to 53.7 billion won. On the other hand, sales in non-game sectors such as Kakao VX and Sena Technology rose 136 percent to 355.1 billion won.

Kakao VX continues to introduce golf services and products that meet the current trend, such as ‘Friends Screen’, ‘Kakao Golf Reservation’, and ‘Kakao Friends Golf’, which are based on Kakao Friends IP-based golf products, and Sena Technology has been developing useful devices in the U.S. such as leisure, outdoor sports, and other dynamic lifestyles in the global market for more than 20 years.

Development subsidiaries discover their own IP and strengthen their development capabilities

Kakao Games is expanding its development share every year through Lionheart Studios and XL Games, which develop hardcore genres such as MMORPG, and developing subsidiaries such as Metabora, which develops casual and blockchain games.

Lionheart Studio’s Odin: Balhala Rising will expand to Japan and North America and Europe this year, following its entry into Korea and Taiwan.

“Akiage War,” which will be released within the first quarter, is an MMORPG using the original “Akiage” IP, and is being developed by XL Games as an Unreal Engine 4. Cross-platforms that can be played on both PCs and mobile devices will be supported, and features war and battle elements that are thicker than the original “Akiage.” It has surpassed 1 million people in five days since the start of pre-booking, drawing expectations from the market.

In addition, it plans to build a solid infrastructure such as multi-chain and marketplace through Metabora, expand the “BORA” ecosystem, launch blockchain games in the global market, and secure growth engines for the web3 market.

Waiting for new work to be released.Going global.

Following last year, Kakao Games will strengthen its position in the market by providing high-quality content to users of domestic and global markets in order to promote the “natural fun of games” with more colorful new works this year.

This year, the company plans to enter the global market through solid collaboration with various partners such as Nine Arc, Second Dive, and Road Compilation.

Released in January, the collective RPG “Ever Soul” is a mobile game developed by Nine Arc that emphasizes the fun of collecting and fostering beautiful 3D graphic beautiful characters and adventuring together. It topped the popularity list of the two markets on the day of launch and surpassed 1 million global downloads in three days. It is also gaining popularity, ranking third in Apple’s App Store’s best sales in three days and fourth in Google Play’s best sales in a week.

The second was founded by the developers of the “Dark Avenger” series, which accumulated 100 million downloads worldwide.Eve will release the masterpiece MMORPG ‘Ares: Rise of Guardians’. Its strengths are its background in the near future worldview, high-quality graphics at the console level that embody it, and colorful actions using various equipment.

The action RPG “Gadis Order,” which is being developed by RoadComplet, the developer of “Crusader Quest,” which recorded 25 million global cumulative downloads, will also be introduced. “Gadis Order” is a horizontal scroll-type mobile game set in the medieval fantasy worldview, where you can enjoy beautiful dot graphics, console sensibility, and pleasant actions in a mobile environment.

An official from Kakao Games said, “Based on our accumulated capabilities and years of experience, we plan to focus on introducing well-made content to wider regions and more users this year,” adding, “It will be an important year to strengthen corporate fundamentals and expand global pipelines and drive growth.”

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