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‘K-Van Dijk’ as a substitute for Van Dijk?

‘K-Van Dijk’ as a substitute for Van Dijk? Liverpool, Kim Min-jae Interested

Van Dijk

Liverpool is reportedly interested in recruiting Kim Min-jae.

Kim Min-jae joined Napoli ahead of this season. He played in the Turkiyen League the previous season, but it was his first time playing in a big European league like Italy’s Serie A. It was expected that some adaptation period would be needed, but Kim Min-jae immediately melted into the team and became the core of Napoli’s defense. Kim Min-jae is contributing to Napoli’s rise by establishing an outstanding partnership with Amir Rahmani.

Napoli are now unbeaten in the league. Napoli is the only Serie A undefeated team. He also keeps the record of losing points. Napoli gave up just 12 runs in 15 games. Juventus (7 runs) and Lazio (11 runs) are the only teams that gave up fewer runs than Napoli. Kim Min-jae’s performance is also indispensable for Napoli’s so few runs.

It hasn’t even been a season since he entered Serie A, but Kim Min-jae has already proven his ability. Accordingly, Kim Min-jae is connected to many big clubs. Napoli is also trying to block other clubs’ interest by increasing the buyout amount through renewal, judging that the buyout amount set when signing a contract with Kim Min-jae is too low.

The most mentioned team is Manchester United. Currently, Manchester United has outstanding resources such as Rafael Varane and Lysandro Martinez, but Manchester United seems to want some quality players to play when operating the rotation. It is natural to want Kim Min-jae, who has performed well not only in Serie A but also in the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

A new team was mentioned. It’s Liverpool. “Liverpool can move to recruit Kim Min-jae after this season,” Britain’s “Curt Offside” quoted a report by Italy’s “Corriere dello Sport.”

Virgil van Dijk and Joel Matip, who turned 32 this year, seem to be long-term substitutes. Van Dyke and Matip are still players who can start, but their skills are considered to be lower than before. Kim Min-jae is a player who is so fast that he is called Korea’s van Dijk. It is no wonder that Liverpool is targeting Kim Min-jae, who has a style similar to Van Dyke.

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