Jun Jin Ryu

Jun Jin Ryu, hug your waist tightly and touch your skin

Jun Jin Ryu, hug your waist tightly and touch your skin It’s too sweet

Jun Jin Ryu

Singer Jeon Jin’s wife Ryu Yi-seo recalled her flight attendant days.

On the 16th, Ryu Eeseo posted on his personal Instagram, “I bought the jacket because it was pretty, but when I wore it, it was so similar to our company’s uniform color.” He posted several photos with the article, “Our AsiXX Fighting ♥ Fly Fly.”

In the released photo, Ryu Yi-seo looks happy wearing a newly purchased jacket. Ryu Yi-seo, a former flight attendant, recalled the past, saying that it was similar to the color of the uniform he wore when he was working.

In addition, Ryu Yi-seo also released a mirror selfie taken with Jeon Jin, and Jeon Jin draws attention by showing his extraordinary affection while hugging Ryu Yi-seo’s waist tightly.

Meanwhile, Ryu Yi-seo and Jeon Jin got married in September 2020, and appeared on SBS entertainment program “Same Dream 2 – You Are My Destiny” and made headlines by revealing their fresh honeymoon.

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