Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid scored 101 points in 24 hours

Joel Embiid scored 101 points in 24 hours

Joel Embiid

Embiid’s overwhelming performance took place.

The Philadelphia 76ers beat Utah Jazz 105-98 in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on the 13th.

Philadelphia had an uneasy start with one win and three losses at the beginning of the season, overshadowing the evaluation that it was a favorite to win. Philadelphia, which rarely found stability in its performance, faced major negative factors such as James Harden’s departure from injury.

Philadelphia, which seemed to change the mood by winning against its rival Phoenix, was defeated again in the away game against Atlanta on the 11th. Since the next schedule was a back-to-back game leading to Atlanta and Utah, it could have fallen into a losing streak.

However, Philadelphia won consecutive games by catching Atlanta and Utah one after another. Joel Embiid dominance, who scored 101 points in two games in less than 24 hours, was dazzling.

Joel Embiid, who scored more than 40 points (42 points) for the first time in the season against Atlanta on the previous day, was more excited in the second game of the back-to-back schedule. A career-high 59 points gave Philadelphia home fans a victory. 11 rebounds, 8 assists, and 7 block shots are extra. With the support of his colleagues, he could have achieved a triple-double.

The fourth quarter was Embiid’s complete one-man show.

Realizing that he had to make it, Embiid actively attacked from the beginning of the quarter. The unique mid-range jumper was accurate, and if you dig into the rim, you automatically earn points or free throws. This is Joel Embiid, who scored as many as 26 points out of 27 points the team scored in the fourth quarter. Scared Utah players with 15 free throws.

Utah persistently followed, but it could not prevent Embiid’s runaway. Embiid showed off his overwhelming power in defense by showing five block shots in the fourth quarter alone. He scored 59 points on the day, more than the total score (53 points) of his opponent Utah’s main lineup.

Coach Dr. Rivers, the 24-year NBA head coach, praised Embiid, saying, “I’ve never seen a player show such an overwhelming performance in offense and defense.”

Matisse Taibull, who played on the court with him, also said, “Joel Embiid’s performance was absurd. My friends even said in a message after the game, “It’s like a record from a video game.” “It was not a performance that you can see in real basketball games,” he said, expressing surprise.

Embiid, who played his best game, was rather calm. Embiid said, “This is not a record I’ve made on my own. We did it through teamwork. The coaching staff put me in that position and my teammates delivered the ball to me well. “My teammates trusted me and gave me a pass from the right position,” he said, turning the ball around.

Embiid, who suffered from a somewhat unstable sense of fieldwork and overuse of turnovers at the beginning of the season, is regaining his former appearance as he plays. The absence from the game due to the flu was quickly erased. The outer shot has not yet entered the normal track, but it is possible to score multiple points only with the attack power near the mid-range area and the rim.

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