JIN SUN KYU, “I’m wearing underwear and filming…

JIN SUN KYU, “I’m wearing underwear and filming. The camera is chasing my butt”


“Ransom” actor Jin Sun-kyu recalled the time when he filmed wearing only underwear throughout the filming.

Jin Sun-kyu held a video interview with Star News on the 10th to commemorate the end of the original TVing “Ransom” (playwright Jeon Woo-sung, Choi Byung-yoon, Kwak Jae-min, and director Jeon Woo-sung). “Ransom” is a story of three people who were bargaining over each other’s ransom, trapped in a building collapsed by an earthquake, and each starts a dangerous deal to seize the last chance and struggles with madness.

This work is a full-length feature film of director Lee Chung-hyun’s short film “The Price of Ransom,” and has a total of six episodes. Jin Sun-kyu said, “I originally liked short films and felt it was a great work. When I heard that they were making a full-length feature film, the scenario reminded me of a movie. But the latter part was interesting. It was fun to wonder whether what they were saying was real or fake. “As soon as I saw the scenario, I contacted him that I wanted to do it right away,” he said.

The role of the brother-in-law played by Jin Sun-kyu seems to be an ordinary police officer, but there is an element that makes you confused whether it is false or not toward the end of the play. Lee also said in an interview with the director that he wanted to include scenes such as mentioning and truth games. Jin Sun-kyu also said, “It was the most interesting part of this scenario. In a way, everything happens three hours after I enter the motel. When someone meets a new person, if they meet without any information, they sometimes don’t know whether it’s true or not, he said. “The same goes for your brother-in-law. It was interesting to wonder if this person was really a police officer. He said, “I liked the feeling of being in the middle of suspicion and trust, and I acted for that fun.”

Throughout his appearance, he performs enthusiastically, wearing underwear and even dancing funny dances. In response, (the dancing scene) was the first shooting on the first day. Overall, it was embarrassing to see him wearing only underwear. But since I filmed it in one take, I thought it was on stage. If I take it very short, I feel embarrassed, but when I take it for a long time, I feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. So I danced, and I did everything,” he said. “The most embarrassing thing was that I went down to the second floor and came back up. That’s when the camera follows my butt. “It was a memorable embarrassing moment,” he said, drawing laughter.

Also, Jin Sun-kyu said that he even did underwear fitting with the director. He said, “Actually, isn’t my outfit a pair of underwear? I did underwear fitting with the director and costume designer. “I said I wanted it to be more colorful, but the director said he liked the dark red color.”

Jin Sun-kyu said, “Only others thought, ‘Isn’t it too much for me to come out wearing only underwear. I thought, ‘Isn’t it attractive because it’s a character that can be dragged pleasantly and not unpleasant?’ So I didn’t want him to wear any clothes from the beginning to the end. “There was also a stability problem, so I wore it in the second half,” he explained.

Also, “I like the cartoon ‘One Piece’. On top of that, a character wears only underwear like his sister-in-law and has a muscular body. I loved this one. His brother-in-law is like him. Just by looking at the jacket and boots, it’s your sister-in-law’s signature. There are many talks about underwear now, too, and his brother-in-law, like Frankie, said, “Jamba and Jang Hwa-ran’s costume are the signature of his brother-in-law to the viewer,” expressing his affection for the character in the play.

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