Jeong Su-jeong

Jeong Su-jeong, thinner legs than chopsticks…

Jeong Su-jeong, thinner legs than chopsticks…”Is this possible?”

Jeong Su-jeong

Actress Jeong Su-jeong from group f(x) revealed her recent status.

On the afternoon of the 6th, Crystal posted a number of photos on her Instagram.

The photo released shows Jung Soo-jung walking on the street in a sleeveless dress.

Jeong Soojung poses with a small face and skinny body.

Attention was focused on Jung Soo-jung’s extraordinary beauty.

Meanwhile, Jung Soo-jung recently finished filming the movie ‘Spider House’.

Jung Soojung is a South Korean actor and singer and a member of girl group f(x).

She is in charge of the center and lead vocal in the group.

It is famous for its unique cool and subtle atmosphere with distinct features, 안전놀이터

and fans call its charismatic appearance on the stage “Crystal” and other friendly appearances “Sujeong.”

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