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Jeong Kyung-mi prayer → Onami’s tears…Sung Hyun-joo, the

Jeong Kyung-mi prayer → Onami’s tears…Sung Hyun-joo, the driving force behind his 5-year-old son’s death.

Comedian Sung Hyun-joo lost her 5-year-old son overnight. However, he overcame the pain with the support of his fellow comedians and family members.

Jeong Kyung-mi

Sung Hyun-joo, who appeared on KBS 1TV’s Morning Madang, which aired on the 30th, said, “I planned a trip with Jang Do-yeon one day in 2018. In the morning, I bought my son Seohu’s favorite toy and said hello to my mom. I said hello without knowing it would be my last greeting,” he recalled at that time.

He then said, “I got off the plane and turned on the phone, and there were so many messages. My husband and family told me to come back right away because Seohu is not well. When I arrived at the airport, I sat down and didn’t know what to do. Jang Do-yeon got a ticket and came back right away, he added.

Sung Hyun-joo, a former “Bong Soo-ah School” and “Parking Home Shopping” of KBS’s comedy program “Gag Concert,” met with businessman Lee Seung-jin and married in November 2011 after eight months of dating. In 2014, he held his long-awaited first son in his arms and raised him dearly.

However, in 2018, his 5-year-old son suddenly died after 1,000 days in an intensive care unit. Sung Hyun-joo said, “I arrived at the hospital, and my son, who was fine until the morning, was wearing a cold machine just by looking at it in the intensive care unit. I couldn’t approach it because it was so unfamiliar,” he recalled that day.

However, he said, “Many people guessed (about my son’s cause of death). He declined to comment on the cause of his son’s death, saying, “I’m saving my words because I’m afraid other people will get hurt after talking about the circumstances of the day with the careless mind of a mother who lost her child.”

There is no way to express the feelings of parents who lost a child more precious than their life. However, Sung Hyun-joo overcame the pain and stood up bravely. This is thanks to fellow comedians and family members who have been generously cheering for their son since the day he was hospitalized.

Sung Hyun-joo said, “There were many comedians wearing black long coats on the day Seohu was hospitalized. He kept telling me to wake up. Jung Kyung-mi became the head of the group and made a group room. “He protected me and let me live,” he said, expressing his gratitude.

To other colleagues, “Kim Min-kyung sent me food from time to time. Onami cried a lot next to me. My esteemed brother Jang Do-yeon also spent time with me when he was busy. “I thought the viewers all know that I have a good personality and good personality,” he expressed his gratitude.

In particular, Jung Kyung-mi said, “My beloved brother, Hyun-joo. My sister is far short of me, but I can be with her forever to cry, laugh, and listen to her. Thank you for coming out to the world. I pray for you before Yoon Hyung-bin’s prayer. She sent a video letter saying, “I love you much more than you think,” impressing Sung Hyun-

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