Jeon Somi

Jeon Somi, fashion that’s perfect for catching a cold…

Jeon Somi, fashion that’s perfect for catching a cold…The skirt is too short

Jeon Somi

Singer Jeon So-mi showed more doll-like beauty and skinny body than a doll.

On the 10th, Somi posted a photo on her Instagram, saying, “I don’t remember the caption.”

In the photo, Jeon Somi is filming on the street.

Jeon So-mi, who completed all-black styling with a black jumper, showed a white leg line with a short skirt that showed all her thighs.

Jeon So-mi boasted incredible visuals and proportions even with her small face and long legs.

If Barbie is a person, she is just amazed by her beauty and line, just like Jeon So-mi.

Meanwhile, Jeon Somi will participate in the 2022 Hallyu Life Culture Hanmadang Mokkoji Korea in Malaysia in November.

After being offered cast by large agencies and entering JYP trainee, he is a former winner of Produce 101 Season 1, and is currently a member of I.O.I and a solo singer of YG-affiliated Black Label.

In addition to singing activities, he is active in advertisements, pictorials, entertainment shows, and MCs, and there are many overseas fans as well as domestic fans. As a solo singer, he is constantly growing by directly participating in overall areas such as lyrics, composition, choreography, music video, styling, and nail art, and he is also seen as a wild foot in the entertainment industry by recruiting challenges with his bright and active connections.

It is attracting attention from the fashion world for its Barbie-like body, photogenic expressions, and various conceptual digestion through its natural body proportion and steady self-management, and is also loved by beauty for its colorful features.

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