Jason Tatum

Jason Tatum, there’s been no break for the past two years

Jason Tatum, there’s been no break for the past two years

Jason Tatum

Jason Tatum (24, Boston Celtics) is enjoying his first break in two years.

On the afternoon of the 15th, the Boston Herald reported, “Tatum had no rest.”

The media compared the number of games between Boston legend Larry Bird and Tatum. Tatum played 74 playoff games at the young age of 24. Bird, who played in the NBA for 12 seasons, played 164 games in the playoffs.

The media then referred to Bird’s career in the second half of his career. They recalled that Bird suffered from a back injury and finished his career in 12 years.

Tatum nearly half of Bird’s playoff games in five seasons. As a result, many Boston fans are worried about his wear.

First of all, Tatum has not been able to get enough rest for the past two years. This raised concerns among Boston fans.

NBA ended the 19-20 season late due to COVID-19. As a result, the team that advanced to the final had only 71 days off, the shortest off-season in history. At that time, Boston advanced to the Eastern Conference Final.

Boston was beaten by the Miami Heat after a bloody fight to Game 7, and had only 82 days to rest.

Usually, NBA players start building up six weeks before the training camp starts at the end of September. Therefore, the players have a break of four months at the longest and two months at the shortest.

Due to the particularly short off-season period, Boston players faced the 20-21 season without resting for less than a month. Boston was eliminated early in the first round of the season’s playoffs, meeting the Brooklyn Nets’ “Big Three.”

However, the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics was held at the end of July 21, and Tatum was called to his country and played as a member of the national basketball team. Tatum won the gold medal, but did not rest until early August.

As a result, Tatum joined Boston’s training camp again without a month’s rest and had a 21-22 season schedule. Tatum showed several poor conditions in the first half amid the hardship march, but he boosted his performance in the second half.

In the end, Tatum, who continued his momentum in the second half, played well throughout the playoffs and advanced to the final of Boston for the first time in 12 years.

After successfully completing the 21-22 season, Tatum has a normal resting schedule for the first time in two years. This is very good news for Boston, considering Tatum’s poor stamina in the final match against Golden State.

If Boston has a chance to win the championship in the coming season, it is very important to let the team’s most important player rest.

In addition, Boston has recruited ‘Veteran’ Danilo Gallinari for Tatum’s backup position, which was never there with Malcolm Brockdon to ease Tatum’s handling burden this offseason.

Meanwhile, Tatum is considered the star who will lead the next NBA. He was named the All-NBA First Team last season and ranked fifth in NBA uniform sales last season. This means that Tatum has been recognized for both his skills and popularity.

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