Jason David Frank

Jason David Frank and his ex-wife ended their argument…

Jason David Frank and his ex-wife ended their argument and made an extreme choice

Jason David Frank

“Power Rangers” star Jason David Frank, who tragically died, suffered mental problems during his lifetime, his friend claimed.

According to a TMZ report on the 28th (local time), Jason David Frank’s best friend, Mike Bronzoulis, said Jason David Frank suffered from other mental health problems, including depression before his death.

Bronzoulis said Frank even left him a voice message a week before he died. “I need to talk about (Frank). I’m going through a lot,” he said. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear the message until after Frank died.

“Despite having many friends and being loved by thousands of fans, he often felt very lonely,” Bronzoulis said of Frank. One of the biggest reasons was due to his mother, who died of cancer a few years ago, he added.

Frank posted on his Instagram in January 2018, saying, “My mom was so lively. I miss my mom every day. The sea expressed its desperate longing for her mother by posting a message, “Receive a phone call or text me now that you love her.”

Meanwhile, Frank reportedly made an extreme choice after arguing with his estranged wife, Tommy Frank.

TMZ reported for the first time that Frank took his own life on the 20th after having an argument with his estranged wife Tammy Frank at a hotel in Texas. The deceased was 49 years old.

The two reportedly fought, reconciled, and quarreled again. At 5 a.m., Tommy called police when Frank did not respond to his call.
Frank was loved by many for his role as Tommy Oliver in the popular 90s series Mighty Morphine Power Rangers. The deceased was also a mixed martial arts fighter.

His sad news also led to the mourning of the co-stars of “Power Rangers.”

Actor Walter Jones said, “He inspired many people.I’ll miss his presence very much. “It’s very sad to lose a member of our Ranger family,” he said. Actress Amy Jo Johnson also posted on her social media, “Jace, you were beautiful and really unique…My dear friend, I will always love you. Rest in peace now…” he honored the spirit of the deceased.

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