Japan’s Pacific League, which has a 2.5 game gap from

Japan’s Pacific League, which has a 2.5 game gap from 1st to 5th place


Professional baseball is a very long-term race that determines the ranking only after over 100 games. However, after spending the first half and going around the turning point of the season sufficiently, the game is largely decided. The KBO League was also quite far apart from the leading SSG based on the last All-Star break and the fifth-ranked KIA located on the autumn baseball Maginot Line by 14.5 games. In addition, in the second half, the composition became a little clearer after three more consecutive games each. The gap between fifth-ranked KIA and sixth-ranked Lotte widened to seven games.

The Pacific League of Japan, which finished the first half of the 2022 season on the 24th, is playing a historic super-close match. The gap between the leading Softbank (46 wins and 40 losses) and the fifth-ranked Orix (48 wins and 47 losses) is only 2.5 games apart.

The Japanese sports newspaper “Nikkan Sports” introduced on the Internet on the 25th, “It is the first time in Pacific League history that the top five teams have played more than 80 games per team and are within 2.5 games.”

In the Central League, Yakult is already leading Hanshin and Hiroshima, who are tied for second place, by 11 games. The battle for the top spot in the regular season is virtually divided. This is why the situation of the Pacific League’s match against each other is relatively more prominent 파워볼사이트

In the Pacific League, all five teams can dream of winning, except for Nippon Ham, which was pushed to the bottom with a winning rate of 0.402. According to the media, the most similar flow to this year’s Pacific League was in the Central League in 2015. As of July 23 of that year, the gap between first and fifth place was 2.5 games apart. That year’s winner was Yakult, who finished fourth in the first half

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