Jane Fonda and Michael Jackson naked skinny body bombshell

Jane Fonda and Michael Jackson naked skinny body bombshell


Hollywood actor Jane Fonda, 85, mentioned her relationship with Michael Jackson.

According to entertainment media People on the 16th (local time), he appeared on Watch What Happen Live the previous day (15th) and talked with Andy Cohen during the filming of the 1980 film “Golden Pond.”

“I saw Michael Jackson’s nude,” Fonda said, adding, “I was filming ‘The Golden Pond.’ Jackson visited the set, and I was in a small cabin right by the lake.”

“It was a night with beautiful moonlight,” Cohen then recalled, “and did you suggest a skinny dip (swimming in a naked state).

Fonda then said, “No. “Jackson suggested it,” he corrected and said, “Jackson has a skinny body,” drawing attention. In response, Cohen said, “I don’t want to ask any other questions because I want to respect Michael.”

Jane Fonda, who was born in 1937, won two best actress awards and an Emmy at the Academy Awards for the month of legendary actor Henry Fonda.

Michael Jackson died of a heart attack from acute propofol poisoning at his home on June 25, 2009. Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conred Murray, was named a murder suspect and convicted of manslaughter in September 2011

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