I’ve never seen Otani’s good pitching which is highly praised

I’ve never seen Otani’s good pitching which is highly praised by the enemy, and I was amazed


It was a great pitch by Onati Shohei (28, Los Angeles Angels), who also praised his opponent.

Otani started the away game against the Miami Marlins in the 2022 Major League Baseball (MLB) at Rondipo Park in Miami, Florida, on the 7th (Korea Standard Time), pitching well with two hits, three walks, 10 strikeouts and one run (visibility) in seven innings, leading the Angels to a 5-2 victory. He also played as the third batter and played in four at-bats, including a come-from-behind finish, with one hit, one walk, two RBIs and one run.

Otani, who reported eight wins (four losses) in the season, lowered his ERA from 2.68 to 2.44.

Miami coach Don Mattingly praised Otani after the game, saying, “I saw Otani pitching for the first time today, and I was impressed.”

“Like Sandy Alcantara, he can throw a variety of pitches and raise his speed as he wants. The fastball control was excellent and the angle of the splitter was sharp. “I was impressed by his calm pitching without any hesitation,” he added 코인파워볼

Otani gave up the first run in the first inning due to the fielder’s throwing error, and in the second inning, he was also driven to first and second base with one out. Since then, however, he has completely blocked the Miami batters with fastballs of up to 100.9 miles, sharp sliders, splitters, and unexpected curves.

Coach Mattingly praised Otani’s good pitching, saying, “The batter is a very difficult pitcher to deal with.”

Trevor Rogers, who played against Otani on the same day, said, “It was a special game.” “In today’s game, Otani pitched much better than I did,” Rodgers said. “It was a very special experience and I’m honored to start with him.”

Rogers pitched without losing a point until the fourth inning, but collapsed with three runs in the fifth inning, taking on his seventh loss of the season. “He made a good swing,” he said of Otani’s two-run timely hit with two outs in the fifth inning

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