Ive Lee Seo, middle school graduation…”Thank you for..

Ive Lee Seo, middle school graduation…”Thank you for being with me when I was a student”.


Lee Seo, a member of the group IVE, graduated from middle school.

Ive’s youngest, Lee Seo, will graduate from Bangbae Middle School in Seoul on the 3rd and become a high school student.

Lee Seo unfortunately did not attend the middle school graduation ceremony with her friends who she had been attached to for three years. It was the moment I had been waiting for despite my busy schedule, but I was unable to attend due to the recent COVID-19 confirmation.

On the 2nd, Iseo showed mild sore throat symptoms and conducted a rapid antigen test and was confirmed to be COVID-19. Currently, there are no symptoms other than mild sore throat, and they are recovering separately from other members.

Despite spending busy schedules such as various award ceremonies at the end of last year, Lee Seo expressed regret that he was unable to attend the graduation ceremony due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Ive’s youngest Lee Seo, who debuted in December 2021, played an active role with a bouncy charm. During his debut song “ELEVEN,” he was not embarrassed by the close-up camera and generously showed off his own talent, and drew attention with his performance ability and so-called “close-up shot” fancam.

Following the topic of the fancam, trends such as the “Eleven” Zoom Challenge continued, and thanks to its popularity, Ive recorded three consecutive mega hits in all three debut singles. After setting an unprecedented record of 37 wins in music programs (13 “Eleven” awards, 10 “LOVE DIVE” awards, and 14 “After Like” awards), he won the grand prize and the Rookie of the Year awards three times at the same time last year, signaling the birth of a new future for K-pop.

Lee Seo said through his agency Starship Entertainment, “I really wanted to attend the once-in-a-lifetime middle school graduation, but I’m sad and upset that the situation was not possible due to COVID-19,” adding, “I want to take this opportunity to say I love and thank you to my precious friends and teachers for sharing good lessons.” He said, “Even if we are apart from each other, we will cherish our hearts as precious memories with our friends at the graduation ceremony.”

Meanwhile, Ive will hold its first fan concert “IVE THE FIRST FAN CONCERT ‘The Prom Queens'” at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park on February 11 and February 12.

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