Ive Jang Won-young

Ive Jang Won-young and Soci Seo-hyun greeted New Year’s Day…

Ive Jang Won-young and Soci Seo-hyun greeted New Year’s Day. A baptism of malicious comments by Chinese netizens.

Ive Jang Won-young and Girls’ Generation member Seo-hyun greeted Lunar New Years and faced criticism from Chinese netizens.

Ive Jang Won-young

Aviv Jang Won-young released a photo of her hanbok on Instagram on the 22nd with the phrase “Have a happy Lunar New Year.” He greeted his fans with a Lunar New Year greeting on the occasion of Lunar New Year

This led to a series of criticisms by those believed to be Chinese netizens. They continued a procession of vomiting green emoticons, an image of criticism. Netizens expressed discomfort over Jang Won-young wearing hanbok and greeting Lunar New Years. They said, ‘Korea has been celebrating Chinese New Year for 100 years. Lunar New Year is a culture that was not in Korea,” “Your attitude is not problematic even if you are criticized,” and “It is not a lunar theory.” “It’s Chinese New Year.”

Jang Won-young was also criticized by Chinese netizens in October last year. Regarding Jang Won-young’s statement that she wanted to show the beauty of Korea while wearing a phoenix binyeo, she continued to claim that “Korea has stolen Chinese culture.”

Seo Hyun, a member of Girls’ Generation, also greeted Lunar New Years and was on the same line as Jang Won-young from Chinese Internet users.

Seo-hyun also posted a picture of herself in hanbok on Instagram on the same day, saying, “Happy New Year.” In addition, I attached the English phrase ‘Happy Lunar New Year’.

Chinese Internet users argued that “Korea is trying to steal China’s Lunar New Year” for describing “Lunar New Year” as “Lunar New Year” instead of “Chinese New Year.” They poured out comments saying “Happy Chinese New Year,” saying “Chinese New Year,” not “Lunar New Year,” is not “Lunar New Year.”

On the contrary, New Jin’s member Daniel described Lunar New Year as “Chinese New Year.” There is a precedent of apologizing after being criticized by domestic Internet users.

Seo Kyung-deok, a professor at Sungshin Women’s University, launched a campaign to mark “Chinese New Year” as “Lunar New Year” on Instagram on the 21st. He started public criticism by revealing that he received collective criticism from Chinese Internet users.

Professor Seo Kyung-deok pointed out, “Chinese people’s crooked Chinese ideas and cultural hegemonic ideas must catch the universal culture of Asia to the world as if it were China’s own culture.”

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