I’ve even heard of a traitor. Dybala Lukaku is behind me

I’ve even heard of a traitor. Dybala Lukaku is behind me


Paulo Dybala (29), who was close to going to Inter Milan, became cold-blooded.

Italy’s Football Italy said on the 21st (Korea Standard Time), “Inter Milan has suspended negotiations with Dybala as Romelu Lukaku (29, Chelsea) is on the verge of recruiting.”

Dybala will wrap up his seven-year relationship with Juventus this summer. He has been wearing a Juventus uniform since 2015, but he left the team because he could not agree to renew his contract. Dybala shed tears against Lazio, saying this was his last home game for Juventus.

But Dybala’s next destination shocked Juventus fans. As he approached the transfer to rival Inter Milan, he was even called a traitor by Juventus fans. Dybala had already spoken to Inter Milan Vice Chairman Javier Sanetti earlier this month.

Dybala seemed certain to join Inter Milan, but the air current changed. This is because Lukaku, who left for Chelsea last season, is on the verge of returning to Inter Milan. Lukaku has fallen into trouble after failing to adapt in the Premier League, and he will eventually return to Inter Milan on loan after a season.

Because of this, Dybala was quickly put on the back burner. According to the media, Dybala’s agent met with Inter Milan two weeks ago, but has not made progress in negotiations since then. Now, it is unclear whether Dybala will transfer to Inter Milan 안전공원

In addition, the high agent cost demanded by Dybala is also known to be an obstacle. The media added, “The negotiations are being delayed due to the high amount demanded by Dybala agents.”

Meanwhile, Inter Milan chief Giuseppe Marotta said both Lukaku and Dybala wanted to, but noted that they faced financial problems. “Both players are our targets. However, we must consider the financial problem. I will be happy if the recruitment is made, but if it fails, I have to aim for another target,” he said.

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