IU’s crush on Lee Jongseok for a long time

IU’s crush on Lee Jongseok for a long time


While actor Lee Jong-seok acknowledged his romantic relationship with singer-actor IU, the mention of his ideal type is drawing attention.

On the 31st of last year, Lee Jong-seok’s agency, Hi Ji-eum Studio, acknowledged his romantic relationship, saying, “Lee Jong-seok has recently developed into a lover in a close peer relationship with IU and continues to have a serious meeting.”

Lee Jong-seok, who previously won his second grand prize at the 2022 MBC Acting Awards, drew attention with his acceptance speech for “The Person.”

Lee Jong-seok said, “I had a lot of worries, fears, and pains after serving in the military. He/she said, “He/she helped me think of a good human direction and positive thoughts at that time,” adding, “Thank you so much for always being so cool, and I want to say that I liked you a lot for a very long time, and I respect you so much.”

In a meaningful acceptance speech, Internet users speculated that Lee Jong-seok was in a relationship, and Lee Jong-seok, who explained, “I expressed my feelings to a person I personally appreciated,” admitted to dating later in the day.

In the meantime, Lee Jong-seok’s reference to his ideal type is being re-examined. Your crush on IU is revealed. Lee Jong-seok’s ideal type, which has been cited as Lee Na-young’s ideal type since the beginning of his debut, has been embodied and changed since recently.

In an interview with Elle Korea in February last year, Lee Jong-seok answered, “If God grants one wish,” saying, “It is to occupy my ideal type.”

He said, “I used to answer vaguely when I asked what my ideal type was, but now I’m clear and think, ‘I want you to marry someone like this’.” He said, “I wish I were a wise, strong, respectable, and most of all, a cute person.”

In another video, Lee Jong-seok said, ‘Is a relationship scheduled? When asked, “Are you making it?” he said, “I think love is caused by accident, as if it were timing. If you think about it, it seems like you’re making it. He also said, “I think it depends on how desperate it is.”

Netizens who saw this said, “Wise, firm, respect, and cuteness. The keywords themselves showed warm reactions such as “IU,” “You made it obvious that you liked IU,” “I guess it comes true if you’re desperate,” and “You two look so good together.”

Lee Jong-seok expressed his respect for IU in his acceptance speech and in a letter to his fans after admitting his love affair. Lee Jong-seok mentioned the character in the drama tvN’s ‘Romance is a separate book,’ saying, “For me, Kang Dan was the same thing.”

He said, “I’m a willing and younger brother, but sometimes I’m like an older sister or an adult, but I want to protect him again. Now I want to be a better person,” he added 부산출장마사지

A lot of congratulations and support are being given to the romantic relationship between the two, who have developed into a friend who has shared their hearts and wants to become a better person.

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