ITZY YEJI, people in Tokyo will be surprised…

ITZY YEJI, people in Tokyo will be surprised…”Because your beauty is so bright.”


Group ITZY member Yeji showed off her innocent beauty.

Yeji posted several photos on ITZY’s official Instagram on the 2nd with the explanation “Night city view.” The photo shows Yeji spending time in Tokyo, Japan.

Yeji is smiling at the camera. Yeji excited fans with her innocent beauty instead of her girl crush charm on stage.

Meanwhile, ITZY released their mini-album ‘CHECKMATE’ in July.

Yeji is the leader of the five-member girl group ITZY from JYP Entertainment and is the main dancer, lead vocalist, and sub rapper. In January 2016, he passed JYP Entertainment’s audition and became a trainee.
In the first episode of Stray Kids, which aired on Mnet in 2017, she appeared as a member of the two women’s teams organized by the JYP A&R team, and her debut was revealed through ITZY’s debut teaser released shortly after advancing to the third round as a trainee.

Currently, ITZY’s charismatic leader, a good sister who accepts the youngest’s prank well, and on the stage, she shows off a variety of charms like a palette, showing off a cool and dignified appearance that matches the team’s signature pose, the crown. 코인파워볼

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