Lee Ji-hoon's

I learned a lot about Lee Ji-hoon’s power trip controversy

I learned a lot about Lee Ji-hoon’s power trip controversy I apologize for causing you trouble

Lee Ji-hoon's

Actor Lee Ji-hoon apologized for the controversy over power abuse.

Lee Ji-hoon, who attended a production briefing for the movie “A tight relationship” held at Lotte Cinema Konkuk University Entrance in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on the 31st, said before the event, “I’m nervous because it’s my first time in public after causing personal problems.” “I’ve learned a lot anyway, and I’m sorry,” he bowed.

Lee Ji-hoon caused controversy over allegations of power abuse during the filming of the drama “Sponsor,” which aired last year. A staff member who participated in the shooting argued that Lee Ji-hoon had power abuse on the set and that half of the writer and staff had been replaced by his breath, and Lee Ji-hoon denied it and the battle took place.

Since then, the misunderstanding has been resolved through dialogue, and the controversy seemed to end. However, Lee Ji-hoon did not attend the production presentation even though he was the main character, and the conflict was not resolved

The meeting was the first public appearance since the controversy. Lee Ji-hoon acknowledged his mistake and bowed to the media.

“Close Between” is Lee Ji-hoon’s first screen comeback and first starring film in four years. Lee Ji-hoon played the role of Lee Seung-jin in “A tight relationship.” Seung-jin has the environment that young people are experiencing these days. He introduced his role by saying, “He has a dream of becoming a singer and has no skills, but he comes to a shabby house for the last audition and challenges his dream.”

Lee Ji-hoon will make a comeback to the screen about two years after the controversy

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