I ignored the e-mail disclosure contact to IU’s suspicion of plagiarism

I ignored the e-mail disclosure contact to IU’s suspicion of plagiarism


Regarding singer IU’s alleged plagiarism of “Pink Shin,” her agency E-Dam Entertainment announced its position by releasing an e-mail 10 years ago.

On the 21st, his agency E-Dam Entertainment said, “In relation to the notice recently released on the Nordend Entertainment Publishing website, we checked the mail we received from Norden Entertainment and responded to it. In addition, in 2013, Loen Entertainment released some of the mails that it replied through a lawyer,” he said.

Norden Entertainment Publishing is the official music publisher that released Here’s Us, which is suspected of plagiarizing IU’s “Pink God.” “Hears Earth” was produced through projects by Norden Entertainment Publishing and the German band Necta.

Earlier, Norden Entertainment Publishing announced its official position on its official website that the claim that it clarified copyright issues related to “pink shoes” was not true. In this regard, he also claimed that he tried to contact IU in 2013, but could not receive a response.

Norden Entertainment Publishing said, “It is not true that the production manager of ‘Pink Shin’ contacted the company or Necta at the time to explain the copyright infringement issue.” To date, IU, as well as Loen Entertainment or Idam Entertainment, have not responded to our various attempts to contact or contact us. Already in 2013, I tried to contact them to discuss this together, but all emails and contacts were unanswered. Inquiries about this matter are also recorded in our records,” he said.

“According to the remarks of producer Cho Young-chul (who produced IU’s album at the time), I tried to contact E-Dam Entertainment’s e-mail on May 28, 2023, but there has been no answer so far.” Those responsible do not appear to have any will to prevent damage to the artist and the parties involved. This action is undermining the reputation of the Korean music industry,” he said

Norden Entertainment Publishing claimed that it had lost contact with IU, but Idam Entertainment refuted and the two sides are at odds. According to e – mail released by idam entertainment, loen entertainment received an e – mail from Norden entertainment publishing on November 29, 2013, and sent a reply through its legal representative five days later on December 4.

In the mail sent by Loen Entertainment, “We are reviewing the mentioned problem and will reply as soon as the review is completed.” Also, please let me know if you agree that all conversations between the parties or between legal advisers in connection with this matter should be kept strictly confidential. “I will wait for a reply to the above.”

IU’s “Pink God” was embroiled in a plagiarism controversy in 2013. At the time, IU said, “Some melodies of ‘Hears Earth’ and the second verse (Part B) of ‘Pink God’ may sound similar, but the chord progression of the two songs is completely different.” “Pink God” is a code progression on the b-flat minor scale and proceeds on the b-flat Mina-bm7-cm7-cm6-f7sus4-f7, and “Hears” is a one-code progression on the b-flat major due to the dominant scale

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