I don’t have a chance to show you what I’m doing when I call up

I don’t have a chance to show you what I’m doing when I call up Park Hyojun in ML


Park Hyo-joon (Pittsburg Pirates) has been called up to the Major League for the third time this season alone. However, the return match did not take place.

The Pittsburgh Pirates announced Park Hyo-joon’s call-up on on the 14th (Korea Standard Time). Park Hyo-joon is in the Pittsburgh 40-man roster and is in his second year in the big leagues, so minor league options remain. Therefore, the club is free to decide on call-up and relegation.

But what’s more important than call-ups is opportunity. At this point, it is difficult for Park Hyo-joon to receive a stable opportunity in the Pittsburgh infield. Diego Castillo, who came over from the New York Yankees with Park Hyo-joon, started as the sixth shortstop. He went 1-for-4 with a hit.

The Pittsburgh Pirates did not put Park Hyo-joon in the starting lineup and continued the game. Park Hyo-joon only watched the team lose 5-7 from the bench. Although he has been called up three times, his season performance is 0.214, 2 RBIs, and 2 runs scored in only 6 games at-bats 토토사이트

Park Hyo-joon made his major league debut, but it seems that he needs time to establish himself as the main player

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