Hyuna, “44kg” is still voluminous even if you’re skinny.

Hyuna, “44kg” is still voluminous even if you’re skinny.The expression is “fresh+lovely.”


Singer Hyun-ah chose a bold outfit and showed off her sexiness.

Hyun-ah posted several photos on her Instagram on the 9th.

The photo shows Hyun-ah taking a picture in front of the waiting room. HyunA is taking various poses that make her charm stand out. He showed off his lovely charm with a full of cuteness, such as showing off his beauty by wearing pink eye makeup that not anyone can pull off, winking and sticking out his lips.

The costumes were bold and unique. Hyun-ah’s slim body stood out, including her underwear and solid abs exposed as they were, and her volume and tight waistline.안전놀이터

Meanwhile, Hyun-ah will release her first duet album “1+1=1” with singer Dawn, who is in a public relationship on the 9th.

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