How to Wear a Medical Mask better known

How to Wear a Medical Mask


Medical masks are often better known as dental masks or surgical masks, and are mainly used by healthcare workers to protect themselves and others from the spread of airborne infections, body fluids, and fine dust.

In the event of a serious epidemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Public Health (CDC) and organizations in charge of public health also encourage people to wear these masks to protect themselves from the disease. These medical masks are designed to cover the nose and mouth completely.

Learn about the protection features of the mask. Wearing a medical or surgical mask can cover both the nose and mouth. These masks protect against large or splashing liquids, droplets, blood and body fluids that may contain harmful viruses or bacteria.

Understanding the difference between medical masks and N95 (KF94) masks in Korea. The N95 mask is designed for use by healthcare workers and functions to block up to 95% of very small molecules. Unlike medical masks, N95 masks adhere more stably to the face and skin and can filter out molecules in the air.

Check medical masks for scratches. Remove the new mask (unused) from the box and see if there are any scratches, holes, or tears in the mask. If there are scratches, holes, or tears on the mask, discard the defective mask and remove another new mask (unused) from the box.

Correctly align the top of the mask. The middle part of the top of the mask is stiff and curved along the nose so that the mask can be as close to the skin as possible. Orient the mask so that the bent side is upward.

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