How to swim during menstruation Just because you’re menstruating

How to swim during menstruation


Just because you’re menstruating, you can’t lose the opportunity to enjoy your time at the beach or swimming pool with your friends. In fact, some exercise through swimming during menstruation helps reduce menstrual pain and makes you feel better. If you want to know how to swim during your period,

Put in a tampon or menstrual cup before swimming. Swimming can temporarily stop blood from flowing, but tampons will keep blood from flowing at all. Especially, going to the swimming pool with friends without tampons or menstrual cups is not hygienic. If you’re not familiar with these items, I recommend you try them at home first.

Tampon: If you’re used to tampons, there’s nothing more suitable for swimming. It’s big enough in the body, so you don’t have to worry about leaking. Make sure you hide the tampon yarn in your bikini, wear swimsuit bottoms and swim in clean water. If the blood is strong, don’t forget to change your tampon every few hours and never wear it for more than eight hours.
Menstrual cups: Menstrual cups are not yet more popular than tampons, but they can be inserted into the vagina and contain blood. The tampons are maximum for 8 hours, but menstrual cups can be worn for up to 10 hours. Like tampons, menstrual cups are invisible. Blood can’t escape because it’s in the body, and you don’t have to worry about threads like when you use a tampon.
It is not recommended to wear sanitary pads or underwear liners. The pad will be wet and sagging and cannot stop the blood from being strong. If you wear it, it may swell up and stand out and be uncomfortable.

Take extra. You need to change it a few times to wear a tampon and stay in the water for a long time. In case you stay long, pack several more than you need. After swimming, I change my tampon to sanitary pad and wear regular underwear and clothes.
On days with a lot of menstruation, change the tampons every 3-4 hours.
If you’re wearing a menstrual cup, you don’t have to worry because it can be inserted for up to 12 hours. But it’s also good to take an extra.
Also, there may be cases where a woman in the party needs a tampon.

Ignoring superstitions that you shouldn’t swim during your period. There are many superstitions about menstruation. Don’t listen to people who say that swimming during menstruation is unhealthy, and even menstrual blood can attract sharks when swimming in the sea. Also ignore people who say that swimming with tampons absorbs too much water. There’s no word based on facts, so you can swim on the day you want to, whether you have a period or not.

Wear shorts if you care about using tampons. It’s not necessary, but if you’re worried about the tampon yarn or if you’re a little uncomfortable, you can wear shorts to cover it up more. Buy a decent one that doesn’t look too exhaustive, and wear it over the top of your swimsuit. If you buy a dark color, you’ll feel more relieved.
Big men’s shorts go well with bikini tops and won’t attract much attention.
You may want to say that you couldn’t find a swimsuit bottom and had to borrow your brother’s swimsuit.

Wear a dark swimsuit if you are worried about bleeding. If tampons or menstrual cups are inserted properly, it is unlikely that menstrual blood will leak into the bottom of the swimsuit, but it can be more relaxed by wearing a dark swimsuit. Get ready to swim by choosing dark blue or dark purple colors.
You can wear a swimsuit with a thicker bikini part so that you don’t worry about the tampon yarn being visible.

Forgetting that you’re on your periodically swimming. Swim with confidence! You don’t have to keep checking your swimsuit or looking around your hips every five minutes. Then they’ll let you know that they’re menstruating more. If you’re really worried, ask for your understanding and run to the bathroom and check quickly. Try to ignore it as much as you can and enjoy swimming.
Use your friend’s chance. Ask your close friend to check his condition.

Avoid abdominal bloating or menstrual pain. You can’t keep your body perfectly normal during menstruation, but there are ways to reduce menstrual cramps or abdominal bloating. Avoid fried or salty foods, coffee, and generally unhealthy foods. If your stomach hurts a lot, take Tylenol or other painkillers. Sometimes it’s best to get in the water and wash away the pain.

Suntan if you don’t want to swim during your period. If you feel uncomfortable swimming, feel sick, or are not confident to swim, you can give up. Say, “I’m not in the mood to swim,” and enjoy the sun. If you’re all women in your party, you’ll understand right away. I wouldn’t bother you if there was a mix of men.
Find a way to participate in a party’s play, even if you’re out of water. Sit on the edge of the pool and dip your legs and cheer for the game.
Remember, this is the last thing you can use when you’re really not feeling well. You should be confident in swimming during or during your period. Physiology is one of the natural physical phenomena of women and there is no need to be ashamed.

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