How did the conte…EPL replacement 3rd priority

How did the conte…EPL replacement 3rd priority


Gambling companies judged that Antonio Conte replacement was highly likely.

Britain’s “Daily Mail” on the 2nd (Korea Standard Time) selected a list of coaches who are most likely to be replaced by Premier League (EPL) coaches based on the dividend rate from betting company “Odscheker.”

The coach with the highest probability was David Moyes. Moyes, who has led West Ham United well in the last two seasons, is different this season. West Ham were considered to be capable of threatening the Big Six, but they are now ranked 17th, just above the relegation zone. So far, there is no sign that Moyes will be replaced, but if the ranking does not change after January, the story will be different. Moyes’ replacement dividend was only 1.25.

The next lowest manager is Frank Lampard Everton. Lampard is also showing the problems of his Chelsea days at Everton. Lampard also received a lot of support, but his ranking is just around the corner like West Ham. Everton managed to avoid relegation last season. Everton fans’ patience with Lampard is gradually bottoming out. The hard dividend was 3.

Surprisingly, third place was Conte. Conte was recognized for his leadership when he took over mid-season and led Tottenham to fourth place. In response, Tottenham made a massive investment this summer to break the zero-tolerance link. It wasn’t like Tottenham.

But the reality is going backwards. Conte has publicly stirred up controversy over his comments since his defeat against Aston Villa, as if he had given up his place in fourth place. Increasingly, there is no room for improvement in performance. Conte’s contract period is until this season. In other words, the penalty is not big either.

To be cool, it is true that it is unlikely that Conte will be replaced. There are no suitable candidates to send and bring Conte. It is too dangerous to bring a new coach while the team has already been recruited for Conte’s style. Still, this high ranking tells the situation Tottenham is currently facing.

In addition, Chelsea manager Graham Potter, Leicester City coach Brandon Rogers and Steve Cooper Nottingham Forest are mentioned as candidates for replacement.

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