How angry will the home run king be when he suddenly disappeared

How angry will the home run king be when he suddenly disappeared from the winning candidate to the last team?


The trade card has been changed due to Eric Hosmer (33, Boston)’s refusal to trade. Luke Voight (31) had to leave the team instead of Hosmer. In the U.S., sympathy is coming out for Voight.

CBS Sports published an article on the 3rd (Korea Standard Time) under the title of “Winners and losers of the MLB trade deadline.”

The winner, of course, is San Diego. San Diego embraced Josh Bell, including “genius hitter” Juan Soto, and gave up three promising players, including Mackenzie Gore, CJ Abrams and Voight, on the contrary.

In particular, Soto turned down Washington’s 15-year $440 million contract, making him the biggest seller of the trade. Many teams coveted it because it could be a winning contractor, but it became a winner as San Diego embraced it.

Earlier, the two teams agreed on a trade centered on Soto and included Hosmer as a transfer target. However, things went wrong when Hosmer refused to go to Washington using the trade veto. Eventually, Hosmer traded separately to the Boston Red Sox and included Voight in the deal as a substitute for Hosmer.

As a result, Boit, who suddenly went to the last-place team in the eastern part of the National League, is expressing regret.

Voight recorded a batting average of 0.277 22 home runs and 52 RBIs and OPS 0.948 in the 2020 season, which was short-lived due to the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19), and was named the Major League home run king. After the end of the season, he also had the best year, ranking ninth in the MVP vote 토토사이트

The media cited Boyt as a trade loser, saying, “How angry would Boyt be with Hosmer? “With Hosmer’s refusal to trade, Voight has moved from a strong team called San Diego to the bottom team,” he said.

Newsday Sports’ Anthony River wrote on his Twitter account that the reporter was “poor Boyt.”

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