Holan moves to Real-Barsa There’s a special buyout

Holan moves to Real-Barsa for There’s a special buyout


Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have emerged as the next destination for monster striker Elling Holan (22, Manchester City).

Spain’s “Madrid Universal” borrowed a report from “El Chiringito” on the 4th (Korea Standard Time) and said, “Real Madrid has preferential conditions to sign with Holland in 2024. “His future may not necessarily be in Manchester City,” he said.

Fernando Sans, who played for Real Madrid in the past, appeared on “El Chiringito” and revealed Holan’s special buyout clause. “As far as I know, Holan has a buyout clause. What’s unique is that Real Madrid is very advantageous over other clubs, he explained.

Host Josef Pedrerol also said, “Holan added a clause that gives Real Madrid priority two years later. “Real Madrid will take him without consulting Manchester City at all costs,” he added.

However, Real Madrid was not the only club that Holan thought was special. The same was true of rival FC Barcelona.

“Barcelona is in the same situation,” Oriol Domenek said, sharing a video of Sans appearing on “El Chiringito” on his SNS. The buyout amount is 200 million euros (about 283.3 billion won).” Both Barcelona and Real Madrid could invoke Holan’s buyout clause from 2024.

If, as Domenech said, Holan moves on for a 억200 million transfer, he will push aside Kylian Mbappe and become the second most expensive player in history after Neymar. Currently, Neymar (222 million euros, about 314.5 billion won) and Mbappe (180 million euros, about 255 billion won) are ranked first and second in all-time transfer fees.

Holan’s father also announced his transfer, so the possibility is good. Earlier, his father, Alfinge Holan, said, “I think Holan wants to prove his ability in every league. Then he can play for Manchester City for up to three to four years. For example, he can play for two and a half years in Germany, two and a half years in England, and in Spain, Italy, and France. Isn’t that right?” 안전공원

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