Hive girl

Hive girl group New Gins Le Ceraphim She’s a minor

Hive girl group New Gins Le Ceraphim She’s a minor in controversy over sensationalism

Hive girl

Newgins, which is set to make its official debut as a “Min Hee-jin Girl Group,” has been embroiled in controversy over its sensationalism.

On the 22nd, the music video of Newgins’ debut song “Attention” was unveiled on the Hive’s official YouTube channel. The controversial part was the scene where Hye-in and Hani were dancing at the stadium. The two men, wearing tube tops and wide jeans, were minors, and they were worried by showing too thin towers and dynamic choreography. In particular, Hye-in was born in 2008 and is still only a middle school student.

In addition, the T-shirt worn by member Min-ji among the selfies posted on SNS has the phrase “PIMP IS Yours.” “PIMP” is a type of slang used in the U.S. in the 7th and 80th centuries, and has the meaning of “cool decoration,” but it also means “pimp” and “sex trafficking broker.” It is certainly a controversial phrase

Earlier, Hive’s first girl group, Le Ceraphim, was also embroiled in controversy over its sensationalism due to its outfit at the time of its debut. At that time, Le Ceraphim made headlines for his under-boop fashion, which exposed tennis clothes, high heels, and under-chest. The controversy is not likely to subside easily as the target of the costume noise of Newgins, the second girl group of Hive, is also a minor.

Meanwhile, the second girl group to be introduced by Hive was produced by Min Hee-jin, CEO of Airdore, a former SM Entertainment art director, and will officially debut on August 1

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