Han Seungyoon

Han Seungyoon, “10th anniversary of debut, I took only one step.”

Han Seungyoon, “10th anniversary of debut, I took only one step.”

Han Seungyoon

Singer Han Seung-yoon has looked back on the past 10 years.

Han Seungyoon met with Star News at a cafe in Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul on the 1st and talked about various things.

Han Seung-yoon continues his active career as a solo vocalist and frontman of the band D82 (The 82). The sea has proven its skills in a number of OSTs such as the drama “In-house Encounter,” “Police Class,” and “Blue Spring from afar.”

Han Seung-yoon is a veteran who debuted in 2012 with his Lunafly single album “How Good It Would Be.” Marking his 10th year since his debut, he has been loved for his distinctive voice as the 17th singer of JTBC’s music contest program “Sing Again” season 1, and has been active, releasing his first solo mini-album “Lovender” in February.

In particular, he not only played various music genres through “Lovender,” but also participated in overall production to reveal the aspect of “Singer Songwriter.”

On this day, Han Seungyoon said, “It’s because we haven’t achieved anything,” adding, “Even if we achieve something, we will continue to challenge.”

He said, “I started with a long view from the beginning when I first started music. I didn’t expect it to go well early, and I started with the expectation that it would be hard. I like getting older, and I’m the first person to continue living happily in the future. “But now that I’m in my 30s, I have a small plan to make some money and save some money to support my parents,” he confessed.

Han Seungyoon also challenged Mnet’s “Great Seoul Inbay” with the band The82. They participated in the “ONE on ONE” mission, a one-on-one death match, but failed to win the final round.

In response, Han Seung-yoon said, “I felt that physical strength was important. I was writing a song, but I lost my creativity because I couldn’t get enough energy. At that time, musical practice and programs overlapped, but I didn’t know musical practice was this hard. I worked on the song while digesting it. He said, “It took a long time for me to do that.

“I’m a person who wants to go on stage even when I’m old, but I felt that I would be sad if I couldn’t go on stage due to physical problems later in my 50s and 60s,” he said.

Han Seung-yoon had a busy and rich year from his first solo album “Lovender” to band competition programs and musicals this year. How would it feel to look back on the past time with just one month left in 2022.

He said, “I’m so satisfied. There are a lot of things I did for the first time. I made a band under my name and it was my first musical. It was also the 10th anniversary of my debut, and I think this year has been a really commemorative year,” he expressed satisfaction.

Regarding the 10th anniversary of his debut, he said, “What I feel is that I have taken a step forward.” There were a lot of things going on, but it turned out that it was only a staircase. “I think I took a big step, and I’m looking forward to the future more,” he said with excitement.

He also cited musicians and role models he wants to collaborate with. He said, “I want to collaborate with hip-hop artists. He said, “I think good music will come out if I try it with people who do cool hip-hop like Park Jae-beom and Zico.”

“The role model is the band Altern Bridge. Vocalist Miles Kennedy is a musical role model, originally a guitarist. The band plays very hard music, and it’s strangely easy. As I listened to it, there was the warmth of the vocals. “I want to be such a vocalist,” he said.

Han Seung-yoon jokingly answered, “I want to pay a lot of tax” when asked about his New Year’s plans. “As a new band, I have to release a new album, and I personally want to be on the musical stage again. “I want to increase the time I meet with my fans, and I’m trying to do a lot of fun things,” he replied.

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