Ha Sung-Woon

Ha Sung-Woon, today (the 8th) the fan song “Snowy Stars” is…

Ha Sung-Woon, today (the 8th) the fan song “Snowy Stars” is released…Love for fans while serving in the military.

Ha Sung-Woon

Singer Ha Sung-woon will present a new song like a letter to fans while serving in the military.

Ha Sung-woon will release his new digital single “Snowy Stars” on various online music sites at noon on the 8th.

“Snowy Stars” is a groovy R&B genre song with lyrical and mellow vocals by Ha Sung-woon. It contains a warm message that our hearts are always connected even if we are apart like the moon and stars seen everywhere.

As it is a song for fandom Haneul, Ha Sungwoon directly participated in the lyrics of “Snowy Stars.” He also finished recording and preparing for “Snowy Stars” before enlisting for fans who will celebrate their anniversary during his military service.

In the second lyric spoiler image of “Snowy Stars,” which was released earlier, “Too many stars in the sky. Like dancing to you in white clothes, Move. You are my sky. Sleep well under the same moon like stars today.” “I’m by your side.” As a result, expectations for the full song of “Snowy Stars” that Ha Sungwoon wants to deliver are rising.

In fact, the lyrics of “Snowy Stars,” like Ha Sung-woon’s letter, will deliver both warm warmth and strong confidence to fandom Haneul and many listeners.

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