group Big Bang Taeyang deletes all SNS posts

group Big Bang Taeyang deletes all SNS posts

Big Bang Taeyang

Taeyang, a member of the group Big Bang, deleted all SNS posts.

On the 27th, Taeyang changed the profile picture of his personal Instagram account to a black picture and deleted all posts.

As a result, Taeyang’s Instagram, where several posts existed, currently has no feed in the “post” category.

Curiosity is increasing as there are no comments or profile explanations added.

Some netizens are speculating that Taeyang may have hinted at a comeback as a solo or team.

Others are wondering if the sun indirectly revealed the change of heart.

Meanwhile, BigBang, which includes Taeyang, released its first full-length new song “Spring Summer Autumn Winter” in four years in May.

“Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter” is a song that implicitly expresses the stage, worries, and present and future of Big Bang.

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