Golden Mask Cha Ye-ryeon Enter High-class Society

Golden Mask Cha Ye-ryeon Enter High-class Society Modern Cinderella Transformation Continues in the Age of Suffering


Cha Ye-ryeon will transform into a “modern Cinderella” that has entered high society.

On the 16th, KBS 2TV’s new daily drama “Golden Mask” (directed by Eo Soo-sun/written by Kim Min-ju/produced by I Will Media) is drawing attention by unveiling Cha Ye-ryeon’s still. Cha Ye-ryeon (played by Yoo Soo-yeon) looks tired. Her pale face, as well as her deep sleep in the car, evokes the sadness of the viewers. Cha Ye-ryeon in another picture shows Yoo Soo-yeon’s solid inner self, believing in love and struggling through hardships and adversity.

Cha Ye-ryeon played the role of Yoo Soo-yeon, the “modern Cinderella” in the play. Unlike her slender image, Yoo Soo-yeon is a strong and strong character. She fell in love with Hong Jin-woo (Lee Joong-moon), who is friendly and gentle, and her in-laws’ iron fortress-like door, which opposes marriage, also penetrated through with only one love. Viewers are paying keen attention to what kind of life she will live after entering the high society.

It is expected that Yoo Soo-yeon’s life, which Cha Ye-ryeon will portray, will continue to suffer, and what will make her look like and what will make her wear a mask that is 180 degrees different.

The “Golden Mask” production team said, “It is a tragedy caused by false desire and greed, and it depicts the story of finding answers in the mad fight of three women. Cha Ye-ryeon is making people look forward to her first broadcast even more with her fiery acting. I hope you can sympathize with the changing process of the main character Cha Ye-ryeon and watch it together,” he said, raising the desire to watch it live.

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV’s new daily drama “Golden Mask” is once again a collaboration between director Eo Soo-sun, who directed “Elegant Mother and Daughter” and writer Kim Min-joo, who wrote “Tomorrow is Sunny.” It will premiere at 7:50 p.m. on May 23rd (Monday) following “Love Twisted.”

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