Girl group Apink

Girl group Apink Oh Ha-young X Kim Ja-young, where do..

Girl group Apink Oh Ha-young X Kim Ja-young, where do you leave after rounding golf? (Buddy Buddy)

Girl group Apink Oh Ha-young and golf goddess Kim Ja-young are showing perfect chemistry on the YouTube channel “Buddy Buddy.”

Girl group Apink

“Buddy Buddy,” which will be held at The Siena CC, Jeju’s prestigious golf course, is a golf lesson entertainment that has been released on The Siena’s official YouTube channel since September last year.

In addition, it is a content that is drawing attention from the hip and hot 2030 female generation as it collects and discloses only the essential tips that Goline must know.

Among the recently uploaded videos, the hotel vacation course, which the two enjoy properly at the Tuscany Hotel in Jeju, is receiving great response. This is because professional Kim Ja-young, who gives yolk lessons generously with Ha-young, a tomboy who Goline tries to escape, constantly laughed and talked while playing, eating, and resting to the point where the golf channel was suspected.

What caught Oh Ha-young’s eyes and heart is the hot water pool, the signature of the Tuscany Hotel. Ha-young, who exclaims of happiness as soon as she immersed herself in the warm pool that maintains 37 degrees throughout the four seasons, said, “I’ve never seen such a warm pool,” and “I’m so happy that I don’t want to go out, so I’ll do anything in here.”

When professional Kim Ja-young said, “The Tuscany Hotel’s event is happy just to see and hear it,” Ha-young said, “Toscana presents everything that she has wanted to do.”

Since then, both Ha-young and Kim Ja-young’s professionals have been shocked by the food in front of them, including a Tuscan salad made by an Italian chef himself at the Tuscan restaurant Brucio, an anti-pasto made with wine, and a laitte pasta.

When Oh Ha-young, who talked to the Italian chef who served her own food and released her English skills, said, “I should go to Italy on the pretext of Buddy Buddy,” professional Kim Ja-young responded, “We have the same taste, so I like anywhere.”

Ha-young said, “It’s good to take a picture of the back of your feet,” and poured out her own tips to take a life shot, saying, “When you take it from the side, you have to stretch your legs to make it long and pretty.”

Kim Ja-young, who learned the know-how of taking pictures from Ha-young, showed off her affection as a teacher by saying, “You have to have affection to take good pictures.”

The production team of “Buddy Buddy” said, “As the episodes go on, Apink’s Ha-young and Kim Ja-young’s unparalleled chemistry is enough to capture the eyes and minds of not only the filming team but also subscribers watching the video,” adding, “I hope you don’t miss it because there are tips that cannot be obtained from other golf-themed broadcast content.”

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