Gian84 Apologize to Jenny in a hurry never mention

Gian84 Apologize to Jenny in a hurry never mention BLACKPINK again


Gian84 of “Around the World” boasted a close relationship with group BLACKPINK Jenny.

MBC’s “Around the World” (hereinafter referred to as “Around the Sun”), which aired on the 1st, depicted Gian 84, Lee Si-eon, and Fannybottle on a bike tour across the “Route of the Sun.”

Gian 84, who was riding a bike against the backdrop of vast nature, recalled the past, saying, “I wonder why I only worked when I finished my webtoon.”

Earlier, Gian 84 said he felt empty due to a sudden gap after 10 years of webtoon serialization.

Gian84 said, “I should have enjoyed this more when I was younger. I feel like I’m going to cry. “I can’t believe I didn’t see this good thing,” he said, causing regret.

Lee Si-eon, who heard this, said, “No. “It’s enough now,” he said, comforting Gian 84, expressing his satisfaction with the trip to South America, saying, “It’s not a comfortable trip, but I’m happy.”

Gian 84, who has recently been busy again with his work following webtoons, said, “I should go on a bike tour once a year. “I want to travel a lot,” he said, confessing that he would not just cling to work.

Meanwhile, Gian 84, Lee Si-eon, and Fanibotl, who were on their way to the La Raya Observatory, accidentally discovered a Peruvian hot spring and changed their destination on the spot.

There, Gian 84 greeted the school trip bus where Peruvian high school students were riding and asked, “Isn’t it BLACKPINK?”

When there was no response, Gian84 said, “Everyone knows BLACKPINK. Jenny, who came to Peru and saw it once, apologized urgently, saying, “I’m so sorry.

The outdoor hot spring, combined with a small volcano, is a sulfur hot spring located on the way from Shikuani to the Laraya Observatory, which is excellent for skin beauty.

It drew attention as it was said that many tourists as well as locals visit.

The three entered the dressing room to change their clothes, but they were embarrassed because there was no separate lock.

While enjoying the relaxation of the hot spring, such as diving competition, Gian 84 was asked to take pictures by Peruvian girls to realize their popularity.

While Gian84 and Lee Si-eon went to change clothes, Peruvian girls asked Fannybottle, “Do you know BLACKPINK and BTS?” and panicked Fannybottle said to Gian84 “Help me.” “I think you’re asking me if I’m close to BTS,” he said, asking for help.

Gian84, who was rushing out of the changing room, said, “What is Jenny’s fault? He was embarrassed by saying, “You had a video call with me once,” but he said to the girls, “BLACKPINK’s Jenny is a phone friend,” drawing laughter.

Gian 84 then mentioned SHINee Key, who is appearing together in “I Live Alone,” and showed a picture taken together to show off his friendship.

But Gian84 said, “Jenny and Key. I am so sorry. I will never mention BLACKPINK’s name from now on. “I’m sorry,” he suddenly expressed his apology in a video letter, causing laughter.

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