Honey J

“Getting out of breath while walking”…Honey J shows..

“Getting out of breath while walking”…Honey J shows off her dance moves that never change even if she’s pregnant.

Honey J

Choreographer Honey J released a dance video telling about her pregnancy.

On the 9th, Honey J, the head choreographer of Holy Bang, revealed himself walking down the street exhaling with a message saying, “Why am I so out of breath?”

However, Honey J soon released a short video of him dancing together. He said, “It’s exercise, practice, and comfortable.” Despite being pregnant with the words, “Throwing a video of my main job for the first time in a while,” he drew admiration for his sleek dance line and feather-like gestures.

Honey J`s drew attention by perfecting his constant soft waves and various movements.

Netizens who saw his recent status responded, “How can he be so light?” “Mother should be so happy and happy!” “I had a hard time walking when I was pregnant, but it’s amazing.” “L.O.Λ.E (Tae-myung) will dance well just like her mother.”

Meanwhile, Holly Bang leader Honey J`s who appeared on Mnet’s entertainment program “Street Woman Fighter,” has been a hot topic for leading the team to victory.

She announced her pregnancy in September, reported her marriage to a non-celebrity husband, and married in November.

Honey J is a Korean dancer, choreographer, dance trainer, and businessman. The main genre of dance is hip-hop.

She is the leader of the female hip-hop dance crew Holy Bang. He is considered to have made his own style a standard in the Korean girl’s hip-hop field, and is one of the representative female dancers in the Korean street dance scene.

He is a professor of practical dance at Kyung Hee University’s Global Future Education Center. He runs THUF (Telmi Haufeel), a brand and label that shows subculture movements with fellow dancer HALO.

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