Gangnam-gil, “The drama ‘Gung’ is a hit, I raised my children

Gangnam-gil, “The drama ‘Gung’ is a hit, I raised my children in England” (You’re so nice)

Actress Lim Ye-jin tells her memories with her close colleague actor Gangnam-gil.

Actor Lim Ye-jin, who was invited as Gangnam-gil’s “Thank You” on MBN’s “I Love You,” which airs at 10:40 p.m. on the 30th, said, “(Kang) Nam-gil and I are like siblings, so my brother is coming out today.I came out without asking why. “My brother called me a grateful person, but I’ve never heard of him as a grateful person in my life,” he opens.


In response, Gangnam-gil said, “There are many people I’m really thankful for, but I’m really grateful to Ye-jin. “I returned to Kim Soo-hyun’s drama in a month after three years of military service, and it was hard because I had a lot of lines and progressed quickly, but Ye-jin helped me a lot.”

Then Lim Ye-jin replies, “That’s when I first knew I could help someone, and Nam Joo-il was the only actor I could reach.” Gangnam-gil then said, “When I was thinking about whether to broadcast on my way to Korea from England, I started with Ye-jin.” “There was a four-year gap, so I forgot a lot about how to memorize my lines or my condition on the spot, and I had panic disorder in the midst of a hectic schedule, and Ye-jin introduced me to the hospital and helped me a lot,” he recalls.

Gangnam-gil has been working with Lim Ye-jin as a couple dozens of times, but he picks the drama “Gung” as a memorable work. “In the drama ‘The Palace’, Yejin and I acted as a couple, and the ratings were good at that time. After that, I got a lot of offers. Thanks to him, I was able to continue raising my children in the UK,” he adds.

Park Mi-sun, who was listening to this, said, “Then have you never thought of each other as reason? Not once?” asked a mischievous question that can be asked between close friends, and Gangnam-gil briefly answers, “How dare I?” Lim Ye-jin also said, “The Namil oppa I know doesn’t like the style of me. I like lovely and feminine styles. We’re like real siblings,” he explained, showing off his friendship.

Meanwhile, Yang Hee-eun treats her close friends Gangnam-gil and Lim Ye-jin with sincerity. They prepared barley dried yellow corvina and various side dishes, thinking of Gangnam-gil, which they usually don’t eat at home. In addition, “Four Years of Living in England” on Gangnam-gil. The bickering chemistry between Lim Ye-jin and Park Mi-sun, “The Story of Having to Return as an Actor for Children,” “Confession of Youth” and “Best Friend” will be revealed. The second episode of “I Love You” will air at 10:40 p.m. on the 30th.

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