Gacht”I wrote a suicide note during the battle…”Your

“I wrote a suicide note during the battle…”Your voice won’t come out and your hair will fall out”.


Japanese singer Gacht, who had been suspended due to a serious disease, reported the situation at the time of his illness.

On the 4th, a Japanese weekly magazine, “The Woman herself,” released an interview with Gacht. Many people’s attention was drawn to the return interview of Gacht, who announced an indefinite suspension of his activities in September 2021, as his chronic neurological disease worsened to the point where his life was at risk.

In the interview, Gacht expressed his feelings about returning to the show after more than a year. Gakt returned to the broadcast through the Japanese New Year’s special program “Entertainer Rating Check,” which aired on January 1st, drawing attention by winning 71 consecutive games.

Gakt said, “I couldn’t sleep the day before the shoot,” adding, “I had so many thoughts and felt bad, but after the shoot, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep.”

He also expressed his feelings during the battle. Gakt recalled the time, “At the worst time, my pronunciation was not good because I couldn’t even speak, and I thought I might not be able to return because I couldn’t speak as usual.”

“I lost my hair, but once I saw a lot of hair falling between my fingers while washing my hair, I didn’t even recognize it was mine,” he said, confessing that the symptoms were so severe that I couldn’t meet anyone because my hair fell a handful of hair every time I washed my hair. His skin became red and dry, he said. “I prepared my heart for death and wrote my will for the first time.”

“I’m not that kind of personality, but I wanted to leave something to my company’s people and friends,” he said, “I also wrote down how to divide the money (property) in the will.”

Fortunately, Gakt’s health recovered, and in October last year, he resumed his career in the entertainment industry in earnest with the lead film “Fly Saitama.”

Gakt is a representative of Japanese visual rock, and is also active as a broadcaster and actor. In 2012, Ayumi from Sugar and her romantic relationship made headlines in Korea.

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