G-Dragon I’m also influenced by the issue of one person

G-Dragon I’m also influenced by the issue of one person in the public


G-Dragon expressed his thoughts on the issue.

Vogue Korea has released a Paris pictorial with G-Dragon. On the 15th, Vogue Korea delivered an interview with G-Dragon under the title “G-Dragon’s new chapter: ‘I’m always curious about my interests, too.’

G-Dragon caught the eye with his colorful curls. G-Dragon with pink hair wore a colorful tweed jacket. G-Dragon showed off his unique charm by presenting various looks.

G-Dragon said, “G-Dragon is an artist who is always curious about his interests. When asked if there is a book, movie, or artwork that has recently caught your attention, he replied, “I read a lot of books and watch two movies a day.” “I love reading, and it’s really fun to get new inspiration. In fact, I’m also always curious about my interests,” he even showed his honesty.

As a curious person, there are so many things that make me curious and interested in this world. G-Dragon, who showed his frankness, said, “As time goes by, my interests expand and my thoughts on art become more diverse.” He also showed his affection for his fans without hiding anything.

When asked, “What is the power that has led you as a musician as a human being?” G-Dragon replied, “It’s different every moment, but as a human Kwon Ji-yong, my dreams and values are the driving force, and are similar as a musician, but our fans are the biggest.” “I can do music not only so far but also in the future because there are people who love me and listen to my music. As I kept trying to protect the standards, absolute values and precious people I set, I was able to pay more attention and do better,” he said, showing his love for his fans.

G-Dragon also spoke frankly about his thoughts on the issues of the day As a popular singer, I think it’s something I can’t not care about. It’s a category called “trend,” so it’s a way to communicate and communicate with fans and the public in its own way rather than care,” G-Dragon said. “I’m also a member of the “public” who learns directly and indirectly about these issues, and is motivated and influenced by the good side. I’m curious about the flow of this moment. Instinctively, this is the part where the radar is the best among the thoughts and emotions I have.”

Meanwhile, G-Dragon recently made headlines over rumors of a romantic relationship and a breakup with Jenny of BLACKPINK.

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