G-Dragon, hit by ‘Jang Won-young-Jenny dating rumors’?

G-Dragon, hit by ‘Jang Won-young-Jenny dating rumors’?


With singer Bio mentioning his close relationship with G-Dragon, his remarks are drawing attention.

In the talk show “Just Nawa,” which aired on Naver NOW. on the 26th, Bio, who recently made a comeback with his first mini-album “FIVE SENSES,” appeared as the 21st guest.

On this day, Rain cited G-Dragon (GD) as his role model and said, “He is the one who knows what he is the best. “I was inspired by all the activities themselves,” he said.

“Recently, he gave me a lot of advice over a drink. “You’re doing so well.” “Counting Stars” was a counter. They told me not to worry about too much hate. He said, “It was more touching because GD told me.

Internet users who heard the remarks showed various reactions, including “respectful and sad,” “I can see how much GD suffered,” and “The friendship between the two is warm.”

G-Dragon was rumored to be dating BLACKPINK Jenny last year. Since then, he has been embroiled in rumors of a breakup after it was revealed that he unfollowed Jenny’s Instagram.

In addition, recently, he was embroiled in rumors of a “out of the blue” romantic relationship for wearing a couple look with group Ive Jang Won-young.

Currently, G-Dragon is reportedly preparing for a solo comeback. The specific schedule for the release has not been revealed.

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