G-Dragon and Yang Hyun-suk, YG with only pillars left…

G-Dragon and Yang Hyun-suk, YG with only pillars left…Expectations for a “new round” to fill the void.


YG Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as ‘YG’) is making a new edition. It’s not like it’s been quiet in recent years.

Some artists have left their agencies, but G-Dragon is still together. On top of that, YG’s former CEO Yang Hyun-seok was also acquitted of the charges of “threatening to cover up the drug investigation.” YG has no obstacles to the entertainment business. Inside YG, preparations are in full swing to produce “musical achievements.”

Yang Hyun-suk announced his return as a YG executive producer. He showed his face at the showcase of YG’s new girl group Baby Monster. He asked for an evaluation ‘as you see, as you hear’. Many artists left YG, but Yang Hyun-suk returned.

G-Dragon, who is considered the identity of YG, also announced the resumption of his activities. The members of their group Big Bang are walking their own paths. However, G-Dragon remains at YG and continues his musical activities. Industry watchers say that just by being with G-Dragon, he has power.

Also, the Big Bang has not been disbanded. The name Big Bang has not disappeared, but the nest of the agency has changed. There is also a possibility of a return in the future.

The relationship with BLACKPINK, who has grown into YG’s representative group, is expected to continue. BLACKPINK is on their “Born Pink” world tour. The contract between them and YG is until this year. For that reason, rumors circulated that he would move to another agency or label. However, there were voices in the industry that the possibility of a transfer is slim.

As the end of BLACKPINK’s contract period is approaching, various rumors are coming out, an entertainment industry official said. “The relationship between YG and the members is still positive.”

With Yang Hyun-suk’s return, G-Dragon’s activities resume. In addition, the possibility of renewing a contract with BLACKPINK is open. Recently, group iKON, actors Kang Dong-won, Big Bang Tae-yang, and Daesung broke up with YG, but stock prices have continued to rise. In other words, the market is positive about the future business evaluation of YG.

This year’s YG is different from recent years. Inside, they are talking about the thirst for ‘musical achievements’.

A YG official said, “Former CEO Yang Hyun-seok’s return as a general producer is positive for YG,” adding, “YG insiders are planning various businesses this year, and ‘music’ is the most important part.”

YG, which was stained with crime, chose “music” as the answer to restore its reputation. YG has shown aggressive musical moves since the first day of this year.

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